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Oct 8, 2012 5:00pm EDT
here a little while later. this is the second big debate in recent weeks for the former govern nors of the earlier debate. the first one was sponsored by nbc 4 back on september 20th. most polls show this race deadlocked. but two recent surveys including one just released today showing tim cain wikaine with a seven-p lead. both candidates, of course, will be looking to gain an edge tonight. but political observers say don't expect the attacks get too harsh. they want to show they will be the candidate for the solution in washington. >> i think the public has a degree of revulsion with all of these ads that are out there. so what happens, is that the candidates, when they get to these debates, are trying to be careful that they somehow don't have an attitude and demeanor that mirrors what the public is seeing on television and each candidate right now is saying that they are best positioned to actually help change washington and reach real solutions there. >> reporter: the debate starts at 8:00 tonight. virginia viewers can see it on c-span. for now, reporting live outside richmond, jul
Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
used his government e-mail address to sell copyrighted and prerelease movies to sell dvds and cds out of his office. >>> a firehouse is undergoing renovations now. mayor vincent ground broke ground for engine company 28 here on connecticut avenue. they will have wider doors to provide safety for workers along with structural and electrical updates. the officials also say the renovations will maintain the station's historic features. >>> get ready for the biggest playground renovation project in d.c. history. today mayor vincent gray announced 32 playgrounds in the city slated for improvements next year. there will be several redone in each area. for a complete list of the playgrounds, go to >>> coming up on news4 at 5:00 tonight, "washington post" food critic gives us his take on dishing out fresh seafood. >>> plus, the morning commute and afternoon rush can last forever in this town. we'll see where we fall on the national list of traffic trouble spots. >>> west coast style cuisine with a mid-atlantic twist right here in the district. >> "washington post" food crit
Oct 10, 2012 5:00pm EDT
substantial assistance to government authorities, and it was for that reason prosecutors asked for a more lenient sentence than called for in the guidelines. brooks was a member of gray's finance and treasury teams. prosecutors say he began dive diverting thousands of dollars to brown in 2010 so he would verbally attack fente in debates and forums. the assistant treasurer on the campaign provided brooks with blank money orders. brooks filled in names and gave them to brown's campaign. now, brooks had a few things to say in court for himself. right before he was sentenced. he said, after 20 months of anguish, pain and embarrassment, i stand here today with a contrite heart. i did break the law. and for that, i'm truly sorry. over and over again he did admit to the judge that he had broken the law and said it would be time for him to make up for the mistakes he's made. he's one of three people who pleaded guilty in connection with the 2010 campaign. darcy spencer, news4. >>> d.c. police are investigating the death of a woman in northeast. police tell us they got a call for trouble on f
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3